Your legs are the foundation of your body. They connect you to the ground and are from where you generate your power. However, it can be notoriously difficult to find a squat rack when you are travelling. It may be that you are also working from home in which case this leg bodyweight workout is for you.

What many people may not realise is there are actually some advantages to doing lower body workouts using your bodyweight. When you drive more weight as you often do training both legs together, you sometimes emphasise the imbalances of your lower body. Bodyweight training allows you to concentrate your weight on individual legs. Which can be beneficial in terms of activating other muscle groups. Get in touch if you’d like to discuss a tailored workout plan.

With this bodyweight leg workout, you are going to really concentrate on each leg separately. This will even out the power and strength from which your legs can produce. Repeat each exercise for 5 sets of 30 seconds each. 5 times, and take 20 seconds to rest between sets.

20-minute bodyweight leg workout

Jump Squats

Jump squats are a maximum effort exercise with every repetition. By applying maximum effort from your legs, you engage all of the muscle in your legs to their highest potential.

To start, place your feet apart in a position in which you will be able to jump your to highest height. With your feet in that position, drop your hips back as far as possible while pushing your knees out to have them under your hips.

Jump up with a single motion, jumping as high as you can. This explosive, dynamic exercise will work your entire leg and really get your heart rate up. So it’s a targeted leg workout and cardio, all in one!

Bulgarian Split Squats

It’s time to make those legs burn! The Bulgarian split squat is going to help stretch the rear leg while strengthening your front leg by loading up your weight on your front leg.

Feel free to grab dumbbells or weights to increase the difficulty of this workout. Place your feet on a surface, be it a chair, bed, or a bench, and sink down as low as you can.

Drive vertically upward so that one foot is off the floor. To increase your heart rate, you can finish this with a hop or jump. Repeat until you finish all of your reps on one side, then repeat on the other leg.

Curtsey Lunge

It’s time for a curtsey lunge! It is an awesome workout that is going to hit your glutes hard.

Tuck your one leg behind the other, and with legs crossed, sink down. You will feel a deep and tight activation of your glute and outer thigh. Come back to an upright position. To increase difficulty, you can add weight or do all repetitions on one side and then shift to the other leg.

Reverse Lunge

Reverse lunges are going to back down the intensity for a bit. But, you will feel some serious burn with this exercise.

Beginning with your legs shoulder-width apart, reach one leg back and sink down. Then, raise upward back to a standing position. Again, like with the single-leg squat, kick your leg forward, and point your knee at the end of the repetitions.

Foot Over Toe

Foot over toe is the simplest and meanest exercise you have ever done. In other words, you will feel this in muscles that you may have never felt before.

Sit on the ground with your back against a wall and your legs out straight in front of you. Squeeze your quads tight enough to pick your heels up off the floor. After that, raise the heel of your one foot as high as you can over the toe of the other leg without bringing it in towards the middle.

Do not let this leg go all the way back to the floor. As your mobility increases, so will your range of motion for this exercise.

Yoga Squats

Yoga squats are going to start to hone in on particular parts of your leg. For instance, this squat variation will work more on the outside sweep of your quads and butt.

While standing with your feet in as close to each other as possible, squat down. While squatting, make sure to emphasize pushing your knees out and keep your hips back to maintain the proper squat form.

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