The importance of a good stretch routine is highly undervalued. Stretching helps keep your body flexible and improves mobility in your joints. Keeping mobile has numerous benefits – good spinal health, prevention of injuries and joint degeneration, less chance of soreness and pain due to postural imbalances and RSI type injuries – and not forgetting – you will be able to train better and increase performance!

If you have an office or ‘sit down’ day job – how often do you stretch? Do you know what areas to stretch and where posture may be impacted by your daily activities? Do you experience neck/ upper back/ lower back pain at all? You may want to consider introducing regular stretching in to your daily routine to counteract these issues.

Try this quick full body stretch routine every day to see a marked improvement –

Lateral Neck Stretch – 30 seconds per side

Shoulder Reach – 30 seconds

Childs Pose – 30 seconds

Cat Pose – 30 seconds

McKenzie Push Up – 5 reps

Twisting Pec Stretch – 30 seconds per side

Lying Knee Tuck – 30 seconds

Lying Knee Drop – 5 reps per side

Lying Glute Stretch – 30 seconds per side

Hip Swivel – 5 reps per side

Squat To Pike – 5 reps + 20 seconds

Low Lunge Stretch – 30 seconds per side

Twisting Lunge Stretch – 30 seconds

Frog Rocks – 10 reps + 20 seconds

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